Welcome to the Web Application for the Research of Parasitic Plants–WARPP!

The aim of this resource is to facilitate international efforts for the study of parasitic plant biology by providing a central hub of curated evolutionary, ecological, and genetic data. The current version provides a first community framework for researchers to test this web app and use the already collected and curated data of selected species for their work. WARPP v1 puts its focus on the agro-economically most important parasitic plant family, Orobanchaceae, as well as a few other weeds (e.g., Cuscuta spp.). Species-specific data, where available, can be accessed via the taxonomy browser.

We introduce the first set of online tools, including:

More online tools like a gene functionality scorer are available to registered users!

This project is under active development.
Now, we need and rely on the scientific community to populate WARPP with more data and to further the development of new WARPP tools. All users are encouraged to help expand the web app reviewing and submitting new information, but also by suggesting improvements or ideas for new online tools.

Register to become a WARPP user and curator, and begin to enjoy exploring WARPP v1.

Welcome to the Web Application for the Research of Parasitic Plants also known as WARPP.